About Us

Antik Animated Studio, founded in 2021, is an animation studio from Bangladesh specializing in 2D animation videos and comic books. It is one of the leading character based entertainment companies in Bangladesh. The goal is to grow Bangladesh's pop culture industry while also representing the country internationally. We've published many best-selling books, have an online presence with over 2 million consistent viewers, and have worked with a number of national and international companies.


Our Experience So Far

With regard to dealing with artists, clients, and brands, Antik Animated Studio has a wealth of experience. Years of experience creating animated material for many online platforms are available from this studio. With all those top-selling comics, it has also been successful in the publishing industry. Uniliver, Axiata, and other brands were among those with which Antik Animated Studio has collaborated. Additionally, it has collaborated with a number of musical groups, creative individuals, and media figures. They put equal emphasis on developing their own brand as they do on collaborating with other brands.

Our Team Members

Antik Mahmud - Founder and Chairman,

Mehedi Hassan Mridul - Leader (Animation Team) and Lead animator,

Shahriar Ifty - Leader (Business Team) and HR,

Shams Nobee - Colorist,

Iftekharul Islam Labib - Editor,

Shakil Rabbi - Assistant Manager (Business Team)